A NFT Game on Metis L2 

An NFT with Rewards


Hodl NFTs for a certain amount of time, then claim for mLand tokens. You can only claim your mLand tokens once. Sell your NFT for others to claim theirs.

Built-In Marketplace

Sellers can sell NFTs for METIS tokens. Buyers can can buy NFTs for mLand tokens.

Level-Up NFTs

Spend mLand tokens to level up your NFT. Higher levels can claim more mLand tokens. For example, a level 10 NFT can claim 10 mLand tokens. Spend double (20 mLand tokens) to level the NFT from 10 to 11.

Dynamic Economics

Higher levels means longer waits with bigger the claims. For example, a level 10 NFT must wait 10 seconds before claiming 10 mLand tokens.


Metis Network

Ethereum layer 2 rollup platform. Low gas fees. Fast transaction. Native storage. High security. Simple implementation.


The world's most popular cross-platform engine for creating 2D and 3D games and interactive experiences.

ChainSafe Gaming

ChainSafe Gaming is a SDK that connects game engines to the blockchain.

Grey Monolith

Inactive monoliths provide no mLand yield. They remain dormant until someone claims it.

Teal Monolith

Once claimed, your monolith turns teal. This proves your ownership over the monolith.

Blue Monolith

Blue monoliths are for sale. Purchase with METIS tokens.

Purple Monolith

Purple monoliths are the rarest and signifies that it has the ability to claim mLand tokens.